Class Descriptions


Yoga: Relax & Restore

A slow moving, gentle yoga practice with heavy focus on breath and relaxation. All levels.

Yoga: Strength & Balance

A slower paced vinyasa (flow) yoga practice with focus on holding active postures to build strength. Slow down the transitions from pose to pose to improve balance and coordination. All levels.

Yoga: Flow & Flexibility

A faster paced vinyasa (flow) class with the base of this class being the sun salutation. You’ll move in connection linking breath to movement. All levels

Yoga: Essential Oils
An all-levels yoga class incorporating 5-6 different essential oils throughout the practice. Class theme, style and oils change each month. All levels.

Simply Yoga

A simple yoga practice. In each class you’ll explore various simple techniques in breath, meditation and movement. Nothing fancy. Just yoga. All levels.

Temperature: Most classes will be set at a comfortable 75ºF.  We are not a hot yoga studio, but we do have the ability to turn the heat up to 85 degrees for some classes.

Save time by pre-registering and paying for any classes you plan to attend. Online registration is not required. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Classes and teachers are subject to change without notice. Join our community Facebook group or follow us on Instagram to be the first informed of any potential updates and changes.