class descriptions

VIRTUAL Morning Movement & Meditation

A 30 minute mindful movement practice set to a daily intention. This practice is broken into three parts: 1) Head-to-two movements & stretches, 2) Sun salutations or heat-building poses, and 3) Seated meditation. Join us LIVE weekdays at 6:00am PST or catch the replays in the online course Month of Mindful Morning Movement for a one-time investment of $67.


Yoga Flow / Vinyasa Yoga

A fitness yoga practice appropriate for all levels of practitioners. Vinyasa is a series of poses that warms your body, strengthens the core, and energizes the mind. The room is kept between a comfortable 70-80 degrees.


Power Yoga

A Vinyasa style or “flow” yoga class in a slightly heated room focusing on building heat through the body and evoking a bit of sweat. A strong focus on core work and arm strength. We will explore arm balances and inversions.


Ashtanga Inspired Yoga

Ashtanga is the original power yoga. A systematic sequence of predetermined flowing postures linked together with the breath. If you like a strong power yoga or vinyasa class then you should find this challenging and rewarding.


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative practice with long, deep holding of passive poses. Using mindful muscle relaxation, yin postures target the connective tissue nourishing joints, ligaments, and fascia promoting the healthy flow of chi (energy). The Yin practice is a wonderful compliment to more vigorous yoga practices or activities such as running, cycling, and hiking. The practice is suitable and encouraged for all levels of practitioners.


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga sculpt is the fusion of vinyasa yoga and strength endurance training. This unique and intense workout incorporates hand weights and is designed to tone and shape your body. Build stamina through a series of squats, lunges, crunches, plank holds, cardio work, balancing postures, and stretching.